Investing in Sustainability

We have a three-part pledge to develop our ESG credentials and lead the way in the environmental space for tech.


Current data shows 2.2 million people in the UK still do not have a device in the home while millions more are forced to share. We supply bespoke, cost-effective laptops to underprivileged children to address inequality.

Following our investment in pi-top, we are working hard to bridge the technological and skills gap in coding and computing, particularly in the US and Europe.

Net Zero

A project is underway to assess our carbon footprint and develop a strategy to reduce it. This strategy will be implemented with immediate effect.

Once finalised, we will take the lead on sustainable production and drive change across our supply chain, working closely with factories and partners to achieve improvements. We will measure our performance annually and report this publicly on our website.

Repair. Refurbish.

Through MendIT, a business we acquired in 2021, we have greater control over end-of-life products than ever before. This is allowing us to develop our strategy to support the growth in global demand for refurbished tech products in emerging economies.

Devices that can’t be repaired or refurbished are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner or harvested for parts.