Connected with the best

Our growth journey owes a lot to the partnerships we’ve built and the role we’ve played in their success.


We’ve worked with Microsoft since 2016 and were named Device Partner of the Year in 2021. The MS team has supported our growth journey by helping us deliver key innovations that change the way people work, learn and play.


Intel shares our ambition to continuously improve the customer experience. The company’s technology underpins many award-winning Tactus devices and we work closely with the team to remain on the bleeding-edge of technology.


The esports equivalent of football super-team Real Madrid, Fnatic helps us develop premium, professional-grade gaming equipment for aspiring esports stars. Chillblast PCs enable Fnatic to compete at the highest level, making us the Choice of Champions.


Williams Esports is exclusively powered by Chillblast computers, helping its team challenge for the top positions at every race. Our experience with Williams has led us to develop world-class racing simulators.