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The Greater Manchester Loan Fund (‘GMLF’) has invested £0.3m in the Tactus Group. The fund was launched in August 2013 by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and is managed by Maven Capital Partners (‘Maven’). It was created to support the growth of businesses in the Greater Manchester area.

The investment will help the company to open a new office space in Manchester and will also facilitate the creation of 10-15 new job roles over the next 3 years. This investment has come at an exciting time for the company, with a series of exciting, new consumer technology product releases scheduled over the next few months.

Over the last few years, Tactus has transformed from being a manufacturer of mobile device accessories to become one of the brightest rising stars in the technology industry. Under their ‘iOTA’ brand, they have produced a range of entry level tablet devices with keyboards that offer the end user the versatility of a tablet, with the performance of laptop. The devices come fully equipped with Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft Office Mobile applications, which are proving to be a huge success across Europe.

The development of the iOTA brand has also seen the company accredited as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (‘OEM’) with Microsoft – something that only a very exclusive amount of Microsoft partners receive.

The Tactus Group are also launching a range of heated apparel and muscle warmers that contain a unique flexible heating material called Flexwarm®. What makes the technology so innovative is that it is 0.5mm in thickness, making it ultra-lightweight, and is printable directly onto fabric. It can heat to temperatures of up to 50°C in just seconds. Through a joint venture, Tactus Group hold the European licence for the use and application of Flexwarm® technologies.

The Tactus Group have also expanded into the rapidly emerging virtual reality sector with their own range of VR cameras and headsets, allowing users to create and experience their own fully immersive 360° photography and video.

To add to these offerings, the Tactus Group also offer a rapidly growing portfolio of services, including Supply Chain and Asset Management, working with some of the biggest names on the high street.

The expansion of new office spaces and continual investment in ambitious, new talent means that the Tactus Group are all set to execute their exciting growth plan, in what will be an exciting phase for the company.

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