Building brands is in our blood

We’ll admit we’re a bit obsessive about the brands we create, supply & manage.

From inception through to delivery, each brand is uniquely created and lovingly brought to life by our close-knit in-house team of like-minded, passionate people, striving for quality and exponential growth.

Tactus® are one of the world’s leading consumer technology solutions brands, with a portfolio of hugely popular techcessorie products- each with its own innovative design twist.

iOTA is one of the brightest new brands to disrupt the technology industry. Their innovative range of affordable, versatile laptop and tablet devices have created a buzz around the world.


Designed to change expectations Geo Computers leads the pack with Windows 10 laptops that work in new and better ways. Geo Devices are built to do more. Just like you.


8K have revolutionised the fashion industry with a range of apparel that combines contemporary design, unrivalled quality and innovative Flexwarm® heating technology.

Powered by Flexwarm are changing the way the world uses wireless heating and charging technologies. With a fearless approach to converging technology with real world application, Powered by Flexwarm are bringing outstandingly innovative wearables to the global consumer market.

8K Xtreme is a leading online destination for innovative sports technology, for individuals that are in need of extreme experiences, and who have a passion for capturing and sharing their world

Tactus VR is leading the way in one of the most rapidly emerging technology sectors, delivering a hugely popular range of virtual reality products that are taking the world by storm.